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Since 1990, DCI Products has been manufacturing and developing ‘cutting’ edge technology for the roofing industry.

Our goals are simple:

  • To Design, Create & Innovate new building products and techniques that solve the issues of today’s changing construction environment
  • Keeping our building products with Green Building Standards in mind, and
  • Satisfying the ease of job site installation while not compromising the integrity of our building products.

Committing ourselves to the design, manufacture and marketing efforts required to accomplish our goals makes our success story a major part of your success story. Whether you are a homeowner, contractor, architect, engineer or a building supply yard, our innovative product solutions will help you reach your required goals. Goals that should include: energy efficiency, cost effectiveness, environmental friendliness, warranty compliance, and ease of installation. Our in house building experts are ready to help you solve the issues you may come across. Feel free to discuss any questions that you may have regarding our product solutions, whether it is installation questions, usage questions, cost comparisons or structural engineering questions. Or you may have your building professional call us directly.

Please review our complete website so you become familiar with our products and their respective uses. You may call to request additional information. Our products are available through most local Dealers and Distributors. For a list of Dealers and Distributors in your area call us or go to the ‘links’ button above.


DCI Products (PA)




DCI Products is a leading manufacturer of innovative roofing & gutter products. We offer the latest patented technology in roof ventilation as well as gutter guards and other unique products. We take pride in our commitment to offer our customers top quality roofing and gutter products, so much so that we guarantee all of our products completely.

We are proud of our accomplishments and welcome you to our site. Please click to learn more about our high-quality gutter & roofing related products. Most importantly, we look forward to supplying your product needs. Please contact your local building supply yard or ask DCI for the nearest location.


Jack Henderson
President, DCI Products, Inc. and affiliate websites were created and designed for the providing of product information to the roofing industry, homeowners and the general public. We encourage all visitors to learn more about the neccessity of proper ventilation for any building structure. Creating proper ventilation decreases energy needs for heating and cooling within a structure thus reducing the strain and impact on our environment and natural resources.

The examples that are shown on and affiliates are used to magnify some of the main uses of each product but are not limited to just the uses shown. The DCI Products line of ventilation materials may be used in a variety of situations. If you may have a question or idea about the modification of any of our products, please consult with DCI Products technical department prior to installation. If you have questions about the images or instructions that we show with our products please also consult with DCI Products prior to the installation.

Thank you.

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