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Presenting a DCI Breathable/Water-Proof Underlayment! Max. Protection!SmartRoofDeck Underlayment

SmartRoofDeck UnderLayment- SRD Vent S-30” Vented Roll

Size and Coverage: 30” x 164 feet yields, 402 square feet of SRD Vent S-30 Underlayment

It ventilates attic areas while waterproofing above deck areas from condensation

(That covers over 12 sheets of plywood!)



SmartRoofDeck UnderlaymentUsing a high-performance underlayment will provide protection, energy conservation and sustainability to create a long-lasting roofing system.

Product Details & Product Benefits

  • 3-layer proprietary roof underlayment for all-purpose usage (roofs, walls, dormers, sub-roofs, etc.)
  • The two outer layers are made of a high-strength, spun-bonded polypropylene, thermally bonded to a highly vapor-permeable, watertight polymeric middle layer, on top of a protective fabric layer
  • High permeability with a 120 perm rating and fully waterproof after installation of your roof system
  • Easy to handle widths of 30” wide rolls for safely working on roofs and light weight to carry
  • One product for all your underlayment requirements, will not rip, stretch or crack, safe to walk upon after securing to the roof





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