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SmartRidge II double-sided ridge vent with external baffle
SmartRidge II

SmartRidge II is a rigid, corrugated plastic ridge and hip vent with an external baffle that provides maximum air flow with ultimate weather protection.  This patented externally baffled weather protection only allows air to flow through the vent, as it protects your attic against rain, sleet, snow, debris and insect penetration. SmartRidge II has a rating of 18 square inches. Very clean look from the street with only a ¾” lift-up. Cuts easy, bends easy, nail-gunnable and crush proof!


SmartRidge II comes in three sizes 10.5″, 8.5″ & 7″

SmartRidge II


SmartRidge II end caps provides superior protection from outside elements while providing unsurpassed exhaust for your roof. Your roof will maintain a clean look every time.


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