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Designed for homes without soffits, Fascia Strip Vent provides the necessary intake required by building codes across North America.

Image of Fascia Strip Vent

Image of Fascia Strip Vent installed behind the fascia board

fascia Strip Vent installed

Here is an application with a 4” x ¾” x 37″ Fascia Strip Vent.
This will give you 9 sq. In of NFA per foot for intake.
The fascia board easily gets installed over the Fascia Strip Vent.

We make custom sizes to fit the needs of your job.






Fascia Strip VentImage of Fascia Strip Vent End CapsClick on the images to download directions for installing Fascia Strip Vents and how to create end caps

Fascia Strip Vent





Do you have a need for custom ventilation solutions? Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and let us know what you need to vent and we can solve almost any need.



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